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Adimoll® BO

Adimoll BO is a plasticizer that is used in a larger number of polymers such as PVC, styrene  butadiene rubber, and polyvinyl acetate.

Adimoll BO is a low-viscosity plasticizer that can work at low temperatures and is characterized bya very good plasticizing effect when used in PVC, PVAC, nitrile butadiene rubber and other polymers. Typical fields of application are industrial protective clothing, gloves, imitation leather, plasticized PVC foam, PVC wall coverings,  tubing, film for laminated safety glass, conveyor belts, boots, and adhesivesAdimoll BO offers the following additional features and benefits:

  • High saponification resistance
  • Improved weathering resistance
  • Low flammability
  • Low migration


Business Unit : Rhein Chemie Additives


Areas of Applications:


  • Manufacturing of plastics
  • PVC
  • Plasticizers for polymers
  • Polymer auxiliaries
  • Polymers


Synonyms : 


  • 1,4-Butanedicarboxylic acid benzyloctylester
  • Adimoll BO
  • Adipinic acid benzyloctylester
  • BOA
  • Benzyl-(2-ethylhexyl)-adipinate
  • Benzyl-octyl-adipinate
  • Hexandioic acid benzyloctylester






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