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Phosphorous oxychloride

Phosphorous oxychloride is a versatile reactive intermediate which has a phosphorylating and chlorinating action. It is soluble in inert organic solvents such as benzene, carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride and trichloro methane.

Main properties and benefits:

  • Versatile reactive intermediate
  • Phosphorylating & chlorinating action
  • Solube in inert organic solvents

Phosphorous oxychloride is a base chemical in the production of phosphorous acid esters (alkyl and aryl phosphites) which are obtained by the reaction of phosphorous oxychloride with alcohols, phenols or epoxides.

Phosphorous oxychloride serves as a chlorinating agent in the manufacture of acid chlorides and anhydrides, as a catalyst in the synthesis of triphenyl methane dyes, for the manufacture of Vilsmeier reagants and as a non aqueous solvent.