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Textile Industry

LANXESS offers a whole range of innovative products such as chemical dyes that are used in the textile industry.

Textiles and fibres

Bayhibit®Bayhibit is a family of inhibitors that have outstanding stability to bleach, lye, chlorine and bromine. Bayhibit products can be used as additives in cleaning agents and for cooling and processing water.
Baysolvex® D2EHPABaysolvex is a versatile and efficient solvent for liquid-liquid extraction processes for separation, purification, enrichment and recovery of metal salts.
Mersolat®Mersolat is used as raw material for textile processing chemicals, leather auxiliaries, detergents, cleaning products and as an auxiliary for the manufacture and stabilization of emulsions.
Mesamoll®Mesamoll® is a general purpose plasticizer, with good gelling behaviour and saponification resistance, which is compatible with many types of polymers including poly vinyl chloride and polyurethanes.
PyraninePyranine is a fluorescent dye for ink, detergent and tracing applications.It can be used in office supplies (water-based inks, yellow highlighters), alkaline cleaning agents (washing-up liquids), shampoos, soaps and racing agent in water and heating systems.
TriisobutylphosphateTriisobutyl phosphate is a very strong solvent used for liquefying concrete, textile auxiliaries, paper coating compounds, etc.
Vulkanox®Antidegradants such as Vulkanox® are chemicals which protect the vulcanizates against damaging external influences. Depending on the chemical structure, they act against one or more of the aging processes mentioned.
VulkanolVulkanol® synthetic plasticizers are required as active ingredients to adjust the properties of vulcanizates, for example, to reduce hardness, modulus and tensile strength or to increase ultimate elongation and resilience. Vulkanol®
Coagulent WS
Coagulant WS is a heat-sensitive rubber additive that promotes the creation of smooth latex films. By varying the amount of added Coagulant WS, it is possible to control the thickness of the films. Coagulent WS can be used in the production of wiping cloths, carpet backings and in fabric-supported gloves.
EmulvinEmulvin AS is a highly effective dispersing agent for preparing stable aqueous dispersions of water insoluble solid ingredients and is used in latex compounding. This product can be used also as a dispersing agent in the production of vulcanization pastes. Emulvin can be used in the production of wiping cloths, carpet backings, fabric-supported gloves and latex threads.