2010 is the Year of Water for LANXESS!

Solutions for Clean Water and a Healthy World

March 22, 2010 marks World Water Day that was first established by the United Nations in 1992. This year, the United Nations have chosen the theme of ''Clean Water for a Healthy World".

The necessity of good water quality to enable good public health is well exemplified by Japan. A study by the Japan Water Works Association in 2001 showed that increasing water service coverage which took off in the 1950s had led to a sharp decrease in the number of cases of water-borne diseases by the 1970s.

LANXESS has more than 70 years of experience and expertise as a one-stop supplier of premium products for water treatment. Our products for treating drinking water includes the Bayoxide® E33 iron oxide from the Inorganic Pigments business unit designed specifically for the removal of arsenic from drinking water and wastewater; Lewatit® from the Ion Exchange Resins business unit for removing pollutants such as nickel, nitrate or certain hydrocarbons from drinking water; and Baypure® from the Functional Chemical business unit for dissolving stubborn furring in drainage pipes.

LANXESS is dedicating 2010 to the topic of water and we are committed to help make better use of this precious resource through our products and involvement in social projects.

Smart Products

LANXESS products are used to tap, safeguard and purify water around the world.