Water Purification Solutions

Arsenic contamination of underground water affects many parts of the world. A recent report found that almost 140 million people in 70 countries are at risk because of arsenic contamination of their drinking water. Health studies have shown that arsenic absorbed by the human body through consumption of contaminated drinking water over the course of many years could cause cancer and skin problems, even when concentrations of arsenic range are in a few parts per billion.

LANXESS has developed Lewatit, a range of ion exchange resins that can reliably remove these toxins from drinking water, even when their concentrations are very low.

The particular product targeted at arsenic is Lewatit FO36, an innovative hybrid absorber combined of a polymeric anion exchange resin and a specially fabricated iron oxide. The iron oxide is distributed in a thin layer across the pores of the ion exchange resin, which has a slightly alkaline pH.  This fine, highly reactive iron oxide layer can selectively absorb the arsenic. The other mineral components of water like chlorides, nitrates, sulfates and carbonates are not affected, since only arsenic has a high affinity for the iron oxide. The other mineral components – some of them valuable – remain in the drinking water.

Other than arsenic removal, LANXESS also has a high level of expertise in rendering contaminated water potable through its range of ion exchange resins.
LANXESS believes that a safe and reliable supply of drinking water is a basic human right and strives to help make this a reality across the world. In the communities where it operates, if it perceives a need, LANXESS proactively helps to bring clean drinking water through philanthropic projects.

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