State-of-the-art solutions

Research and development are incredibly important to LANXESS. After all, the ideas our scientists have today will lead to the innovations of tomorrow – and that is our pride.

We focus on innovation. We strive to hire the best minds in the chemical industry. We have partnerships with the best universities worldwide and recruit their graduates. We maintain world-class laboratories, in which our scientists get the freedom and opportunity to explore their ideas.

Years of research and development stand behind any LANXESS product on market. Before we introduce any new product to the market, we typically carry out years of exhaustive research. We set a high bar and meet our own targets for R&D excellence.

Everyday utility remains the key goal we strive for in our innovations. We involve our customers and partners in the actual development process, as this guarantees products and production processes that will meet real needs. Once a product is introduced, we try to constantly improve it so that it becomes the industry standard.

As a leading specialty chemicals manufacturer, LANXESS realizes that it is important to stay at the forefront of technological innovation. With this in mind, we pledge to constantly deliver state-of-the-art solutions to the market.

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