How to Use Rely+On Virkon Product

Q1:How Can Rely+OnTM VirkonTM Assist?

Rely+OnTM VirkonTM is a unique, powerful, broad-spectrum disinfectant with extensive efficacy studies, safety testing and environmental profiles. It has been used globally for routine disinfection and/or decontamination of hardsurfaces: floors, walls, doors and door handles, walkway, furniture, equipment, and bathroom in various areas such as medical facilities, pathology and biosafety containment laboratories, treatment salons and residential homes. Body fluid spillage can also be decontaminated with Rely+OnTM VirkonTM.

For COVID-19, we suggest a 1% (1:100) Rely+OnTM VirkonTM solution with a 10-minute contact time.


Q2: How Can We Apply Rely+OnTM VirkonTM?

For hard surface disinfection, Rely+OnTM VirkonTM can be applied at a rate of 200 ml/m2 using either a trigger spray bottle, a suitable knapsack type sprayer, cloth, sponge or floor mop.

For equipment disinfection, the equipment can either be submerged and washed in disinfectant solution or sprayed and then wiped clean with a cloth or sponge.


Q3: Is There Anything to Be Concerned With the Use of Rely+OnTM VirkonTM?

Yes – it is strongly advised that Rely+OnTM VirkonTM is not intended for use for the disinfection of medical devices and users should always check for compatibility with any sensitive materials before use. Do not use on any soft metals such as brass or copper and it is not recommended for use on soft furnishings, textiles or carpets. You may also rinse disinfected equipment with clean water after 10 minutes when materials compatibility is of concern.


Q4: How to Dispose 1% Rely+OnTM VirkonTM Solution?

Rely+OnTM VirkonTM is intended to be used at 1% or less in most situations, at which dilution rate the product is considered to be of low hazard and safe. It is not classified as hazardous according to the Globally Harmonized System for hazard classification (GHS).

Rely+OnTM VirkonTM solution is generally considered to be of low risk to municipal sewage treatment facilities. The solution may generally be disposed via drains leading to a foul sewer but not via drains leading to surface waters. Disposal to foul sewer is typically subject to discharge consent with the appropriate local authority and normally requires prior approval and control of the volumes discharged. Please always seek guidance from your local authority prior to discharge. We have data which can be provided in support of any discharge consent procedures.

For any safety concerns, we have provided Rely+OnTM VirkonTM Safety of 1% Solutions data sheet you may request through our professional partners where the product is registered.



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