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The Future of Mobility is Green!

We contribute to green mobility and work hand-in-hand with customers to create innovative solutions to power the future of mobility

Never before in history has mobility been as important as today. More and more people want to be mobile but the infrastructure is already about to collapse in many countries. Let alone the negative effects on the environment!

Politicians, scientists and experts from different industries will have to work hand-in-hand to find innovative solutions and products for the mobility of tomorrow, but one thing is certain: The future of mobility is green. Lightweight engineering in cars and "Green Tires" are some of the most important technological innovations that can be achieved with our state-of-the-art products.

As a technology leader in specialty chemicals, LANXESS considers itself an enabler of "Green Mobility", thus supplying our customers across the globe with products that help them create environmentally-friendly mobility. "Green Mobility" is an integral part of our global mission to contribute to economic, environmental and social sustainability. To make a contribution to modern life and sustainable growth.

This year we will focus on "Green Mobility" and what LANXESS can do to support the cause. Our scientists are developing innovative products and technologies based on renewable raw materials, sustainable manufacturing processes and economically compatible methods of disposal that help to protect the environment. In 2009, the Innovation group function was created to bundle all the expertise at LANXESS.

"The subject of mobility is of enormous significance in today's society. Indeed, it was only two weeks ago that German Transport Minister Dr. Peter Ramsauer stressed its great importance at our political kick-off event for the year in Berlin. In an impassioned address, he made it clear that future mobility will simply have to be “green”. As LANXESS focuses its activities every year on a core strategic issue. In 2011, we highlighted our strengths in the area of high-performance plastics. This year, the focus is on “Green Mobility”. One important reason for this is the mandatory tire labeling that will be introduced in the EU and South Korea in the fall. The resulting tire labels will make it easier to identify the ecological efficiency and safety levels of the tires in question.

Core business: Synthetic Rubber and Hightech Plastics for green mobility

November 2012 will see the launch of mandatory tire labeling in the European Union. Tires will be graded from A to G according to their fuel efficiency and wet grip. Rolling noise is also measured. The new legislation aims to reduce CO2 and noise emissions by promoting “Green Tires” that do not compromise on safety. In addition, the labels will provide more transparency for consumers.

As the world’s largest synthetic rubber company, LANXESS is a key supplier of neodymium polybutadiene rubber (Nd-PBR) and solution styrene butadiene rubber (SSBR) to leading tire manufacturers. “Green Tires” can reach their peak performance with formulations containing both types of rubber.In addition, LANXESS is a leading supplier of high-tech plastics that represent a lighter-weight alternative to metal parts in the automotive industry, thus contributing to fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. In addition, these plastics allow carmakers and car parts suppliers to achieve considerable savings through more cost-efficient production and easier assembly, while at the same time enabling more freedom of design.

More info and events concerning green mobility is coming up. Stay tuned.

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