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Baypure® offers efficient and more environmentally friendly solutions for complexation, dispersing and crystal modification.

Baypure® products are based on nature. Consequently, they have rapid biodegradability and a good ecotoxicological profile. Optimum use can be made of production synergies as both products are manufactured from the same raw materials: maleic anhydride, ammonia and caustic soda solution. Special attention was paid to developing production processes with closed product streams. Excess raw materials and process water are returned to the production cycle.

Properties and benefits:

  • Baypure® products are based on nature
  • Rapid biodegradability
  • Good ecotoxicological profile

    Baypure® DSP can be considered as precursor for Baypue® DS100. In presence of water a slow formation of polyaspartic acid or Baypure® DS100 takes place; therefore Baypure® DSP is a slow-release-substance. The polyaspartic acid dissolves slowly limescale and prevents formation of new scale.

    Baypure® DS100 is a new dispersing agent for use in a wide range of applications, for example to soften water in washing machines and dishwashers and to improve the dispersion of pigment particles in the production of paper, decorator's paints and other products. It has clear advantages over conventional dispersing agents in terms of performance and biodegradability.

    Baypure® CX100 is a medium-strength complexing agent with low remobilization of heavy metals. It is superior to conventional complexing agents because of its excellent ability to complex iron, copper and calcium ions and its very good biodegradability. Its main applications are in detergents and cleaning agents, the production of paper and textiles, the photographic industry and agriculture.

    Tetrasodium Iminodisuccinate (INCI-Name of Baypure® CX100) and Sodium Polyaspartate (INCI-Name of Baypure® DS100) are suitable as complexing and dispersing agents for cosmetics.




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Regional Manager

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Fax: +86 2161 0966 27

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