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Bayscript is a complete range of water-based dyes for ink-jet printers.

To guarantee a constantly high ink quality, all BAYSCRIPT® dyes are offered as highly purified liquid formulations with high surface tension, low viscosity and excellent low-residue filtration properties. The concentration of chloride ions and other salts, particularly bivalent metal ions, is minimized to reduce corrosion with printing and to allow a long shelf life of the inks.. BAYSCRIPT® dyes offer a high intensity of color and brilliance, a good solubility in common solvents for the ink production and a coloristically well-rounded range to create an optimized color space for various applications.

Business Unit : Rhein Chemie Additives


  • Dyestuffs, pigments and optical brighteners
  • Ink
  • Inkjet inks
  • Manufacturing of dyestuffs
  • Manufacturing of printing inks

Properties & Benefits:

  • intense color and brilliance
  • water solubility
  • long shelflife


Hak Leong Chok
Regional Manager

Phone: +86 2161 0966 26

Fax: +86 2161 0966 27

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