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LANXESS offers a full range of products developed specifically for the toner industry. Since their launch in 1981, the Bayoxide® E standard grades have been established on the Asian, European and American markets.

In 1993 we supplemented our 8600 range with the high-performance Bayoxide® E 8700 grades, which we produce by the precipitation process.

Compared with the standard grades, the 8700 types have a particularly narrow particle size distribution, defined particle shape and made-to-measure magnetic properties. The coercivity and remanence of a toner is, to a certain extent, dependent on the type of system used in the copier or printer. To satisfy the requirements of virtually any type of machine, LANXESS offers products in the ranges of 55 Oe, 100 Oe and 130 Oe.

Customers require toners with a high image density (blackness) at a reasonable yield. While the balance between yield and image density can be influenced by changing the magnetite content of the toner, both – yield and image density – can be optimized if oxides with a high tinting strength are used. Recognizing this, our 8700 grades have an outstanding tinting strength and a bluish black color which is preferred by most consumers.

Closely following the special requirements of today‘s market, LANXESS supplies a range of magnetites for use in toners:

  • Bayoxide® E 8611
  • Bayoxide® E 8706, 8708, 8709, 8710
  • Bayoxide® E 8707 H and 8713 H

These grades are produced in a plant which is dedicated to the manufacture of toner oxides. The special design of the reactors and dryers as well as the use of our proprietary process allows us to produce magnetites with:

  • Different coercivities in the region of 60, 70 , 80, 90, 100 and 130 Oe
  • A particle size between 0.15 and 0.5 μm
  • Sharp particle size distribution
  • Good dispersibility
  • High tinting strength which allows for the development of toners with high image density and/or yield
  • Low heavy metal content meeting the requirements of the Japanese Eco Mark and German Blue Angel