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Euderm® is a range of finishing auxiliaries that are used in finishing of leather to achieve aesthetic and high performance physical and chemical properties.

Business Unit: Leather


  • Leather auxiliaries 
  • Leather Colouring pigments
  • Leather finishing binders
  • Leather Pull up oils and Waxes
  • Leather
  • Anti-tack agents and fillers
  • Aqueous pigments, casein-free
  • Butadiene dispersions
  • Finishing auxiliaries
  • Special products
  • Matting agents
  • Surface touch modifiers
  • wetting/flow control agents

Properties & Benefits:

  • Versatile range of high performance casein-free pigment colors
  • Euderm auxiliaries are suitable for different leathers
  • A range of oils and waxes for pull ups and  crazy horse leathers 
  • Very good  protein binders for glazed leather production
  • Ideal binders for upgradation of leathers 

* Trademark is owned by Bayer AG