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Leather Chemicals

Leather Chemicals from LANXESS represent an indispensable, innovative range that give your leathers an edge over your competitors. We offer solutions to your problems and meet your needs whether it be with the supply of bulk merchandise or "high-tech" systems together with tailored expert technical services.

Others (Artificial leather, industrial gloves)

BaygenalBaygenal is a family of anionic powder dyestuffs specially developed for drum dyeing of leather.
BaykanolBaykanol is a family of anionic dyeing products and tanning agents that give excellent results in processing leather.
Coagulant WS Coagulant WS is a heat-sensitive rubber additive that promotes the creation of smooth latex films. By varying the amount of added Coagulant WS, it is possible to control the thickness of the films.
EmulvinEmulvin® AS is a highly effective dispersing agent for preparing stable aqueous dispersions of water insoluble solid ingredients and is used in latex compounding. This product can be used also as a dispersing agent in the production of vulcanization pastes.
EudermEuderm is a range of finishing auxiliaries that are used in finishing of leather.
Levaderm®Levaderm is a family of complex anionic liquid dyestuffs for leather coloring.Levaderm is a family of complex anionic liquid dyestuffs for leather coloring.
Mersolat®Mersolat is used as raw material for textile processing chemicals, leather auxiliaries, detergents, cleaning products and as an auxiliary for the manufacture and stabilization of emulsions.
Preventol® (Leather)Preventol is a family of leather preservatives for  protecting leather against mold and fungi.
Vulkanox®Vulkanox antioxidants afford outstanding protection from oxygen, heat and unorientated crack formation (crazing) against dynamic  stress, oxidation,  ozone and rubber poisons.
Vulcanization is the conversion of a high-molecular material from the plastic to the elastic state. One of the key chemical reactions in this process is that of rubber with sulfur.
Zinkoxyd Aktiv
LANXESS zinc oxides are precipitated to offer a rather small range of particle size combined with a high surface area. On top these products are characterized by a very low heavy metal content.